JCAA's 37th Christian Art Exhibition

June 20, 2013


Poster of the 37th JCAA Exhibit in Tokyo

The Japan Christian Arts Association (JCAA) is going to have their 37th Christian Art Exhibition at theTokyo Gospel Fellowship Center from June 26 to July 7, 2013. The Christian Art Association was founded through the efforts of artists Matsuijiro Sasaki, a Catholic and Tadao Tanaka, a Protestant. They decided to merge the exhibits of the Catholic and the Protestant artists, which were previously held separately. Their first joint exhibit was held on 1973. Since then they've been having exhibitions almost every year. This year’s exhibit coincides with the 100th birthday celebration of the late Japanese printmaker, Sadao Watanabe.


Korean artist Mrs. Ae Roung Jang will grace the opening reception with a marimba concert. On June 29, JCAA member Yuko Matsuoka willl present a talk entitled: “Why I wish to paint under the theme of Christianity?”. The exhibit will feature artworks from twenty-five artists including JCAA members: A. Carpentier, Yoshizo Igarashi, Kyoko Ebina, Kyu Ohta, Naomi Kashima, Hajime Takeuchi, Chikako Tomoyama, Motoko Hayashi, Masayoshi Hojo, Yuko Matsuoka, Mariko Mano, Yasuko Morita, Yoriko Yamada, Katsuyuki Wada, Soichi Watanabe and supporting exhibitors: Yasuo Ueno, Tadao Tanaka, Sadao Watanabe. They also invited artists: Hikari Chiba, Mamoru Tsuzukibashi, Hikaru Nakazato, Koji Nakano, Makoto Hasegawa, Tetsuya Higashiura and special guest exhibitor: Tomoyuki Takizawa


This event was organized in cooperation with the Ginza Church, Tokyo Gospel Fellowship Center, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Japan, National Christian Council in Japan, The United Church of Christ in Japan, Anglican Episcopal Church in Japan, Japan Baptist Convention, Japan Baptist Union, Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church, Japan Evangelical Association, Japan Bible Society, Japan Federation of Catholic School, Association of Christian School in Japan, Tokyo YMCA, Tokyo YWCA. For updates about the JCAA exhibit, visit the Tokyo Gospel Fellowship Center website www.ginza-church.com/center/art.html