"Poor Man's Bible"

February 27, 2014

Adalyn Chan

Adalyn Chan is the Project Coordinator & Editor or Fan Pu's book
"Biblia Pauperum". She is an artist,minister and the Manager
of Art Division of the Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre from 2006
till present.

Book Cover: "Biblia Pauperum" by Fan Pu,
Below: "Living Water" by Fan Pu,Inside pages:
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In 2009, under the influence of Indian Christian artist Solomon Raj, Madam Fan Pu created her "Biblia Pauperum" in Chinese folk paper-cut art.

Originated from a typical woodblock printed book model in the fifteenth century Europe, Biblia Pauperum is a genre of early church Bible teaching. It consists of an image of the New Testament story and two images of the Old Testament story with commenting text next to the composition. Priests of that period used it to explain the relationship between the New Testament and the Old Testament, as a simple and straightforward manner to teach the Bible to the crowd who are not educated. Therefore, the "Biblia Pauperum" means "Paupers' Bible".

Madam Fan Pu created her Biblia Pauperum according to the principle of putting the New Testament story in the centre with the Old Testament story on the both sides. In concise and skillful style, she depicted the message by delicate drawings made from cutting and craving of shapes on paper. She then decorated them with colorful dyed rice paper. Biblia Pauperum delivered to us the message of the Bible and the Christian Faith in Chinese artistic beauty. Each work of composition has a theme; Madam Fan Pu selected the theme from the scripture and incised each Chinese character for each piece of work. Each image in the composition is also accompanied by meditation poem written by Madam Fan Pu herself. The meditation poems are a record of Madam Fan Pu's creative ideas but also a means for readers to encounter God through meditation of the bible message in the book.

Madam Fan Pu has been connected with Tao Fong Shan since 1992. In that year, Madam Fan attended the Asian Christian Women Artists Seminar held in Hong Kong. Next year in 1993, she joined the newly established Nanjing Amity Christian Art Center as deputy director. Shortly afterwards in the same year, she came to Tao Fong Shan again and participated in the Chinese Christian Art Exhibition. The event was firstly organized in Hong Kong.

Through the relationship with Amity Christian Art Center, almost all the early and later biblical theme papercuts sold in Art Shop of Tao Fong Shan were related to Madam Fan's art. Many patterns were Madam Fan's design and others were under her supervision. When Madam Fan left Amity, Art Shop began to sell as well papercuts that are engraved by the artist herself, until today.

It is Tao Fong Shan's honor to be able to comply Ms. Fan's latest art work "Biblia Pauperum" into publication. And Madam Fan Pu herself also makes so much effort to enable us to perform our best. The Art Division of Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre is very grateful for her.

Book Details:

Biblia Pauperum
Paper Cut Album
Chinese and English Bilingual

Author Pu FAN
Project coordinator & Editor Adalyn CHAN
English Editor & Translation Cinde LEE
Photography SK SHEK & ST HO @ ProS
Book Design SENSE Advertising Production Limited
Date of publication November 2013
Publisher Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre Ltd.
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