Seeing God, Sharing God's Word Through Art
A Painting Exhibition by the Bali Christian Art Association

January 9, 2014

Bali Christian Art Exhibit
poster for the BCAA Painting Exhibition

The Bali Christian Arts Association (BCAA) will be having a painting exhibition with the theme: "Seeing God. Sharing God's Word Through Art" . It will open on Friday, January 17 at the Patrisia Hotel in Denspar, Bali and will continue until January 19. This exhibit was organized by the BCAA with the help of Perkantas Bali. It features member artists of the BCAA including: Ni Ketut Ayu Sriwardani, Gde Sukana Kariana, Erland Sibuea, Wila, Puteri Delphia Esther and Hannah Debora.

The life and story of Jesus on earth have always inspired artists in BCAA. They want the people, especially Christians to see God and Jesus visually. Through this exhibit they are able to share their understanding of the divine. The combination of Christian theology and Balinese culture produces unique and vibrant artworks- rendering Christian themes in a new light.