"Reflections on Christian Art"


Last August 20, the SERUNI held an art exhibition entitled Christian Painting Exhibition at the Theinggi Teologi Jakarta School (STT Jakarta). The exhibit was organized in partnership with the Theinggi Teologi Jakarta School. Participating artists include: Beda Sundiman, Benyamin Kosasih, Christian Putra, Christoph, Fredi Agustian, Fredi Koritelu, Handojo Tedianto, Heru Susanto, Setiyono Wibowo, Sugiri Willim, Surajiya, Toto Winarno, Wisnu Sasongko, and Yoel.

Here is an account of their artist statement:

TOP: SERUNI's Christian Painting Exhibition Catalog,
Exhibit at the Theinggi Teologi Jakarta School
SERUNI Artistic Statement: "Beauty of His Encompassing Love"

Nowadays, art is no longer confined to decorating rooms and to displaying prestige. Art is now recognized for its capacity to reflect profound insights and to initiate action.

After having numerous exhibits and discussions, SERUNI has developed Christian art that resounds with freshness, beauty, courage and truth in the midst of challenges brought by the world that is full of man-made gods.

The expression of Christian art should reflect the beauty of culture and language. This era of progress in overrun by commodities. It has become difficult to find inner-peace that nourishes spiritual life. Art adds color and flavor to a nation that is host to a wide range of issues-social, cultural and economical. Christian art serves the dual purpose of individual meditation and empathizing with the common people. It reflects the vertical and horizontal relationship between God and the individual, and the individual towards his/her community.

After the Middle Ages and the Renaissance the separation between religious and secular art has become very defined. Contemporary Christian artists face the challenge of creating a religious works that are both aesthetically pleasing and competitive in the art market. Christian art now comes in a variety of styles based from different art movements. Each one is utilized by the artist depending on his/her storytelling style: Romanticism is used to evoke drama, Expressionism for strong suggestive movements, Pop art to relate stories to popular themes and images. There are also decorative, non-representative and abstract styles.

SERUNI Christian Art SERUNI Christian Art SERUNI Christian Art
Exhibit at the Theinggi Teologi Jakarta School

SERUNI has hosted a lot activities for Christian artists from cities all over Indonesia, uniting people from different denominations. Since 2010, it has held several art exhibitions and discussions in Jakarta, Tangerang and Bandung.

Some SERUNI art exhibitions were held at the Jakarta Citybank building, at Maranatha university galleries, Gallery Pelita Univ. Univ. Pelita Harapan, Jakarta School of Theology, Great Commission Kedoya STT.

Through the support of various institutions- churches, Christian schools and galleries, SERUNI was able to bring the Kingdom of God through the beauty of their art works. SERUNI has become a venue where artists can bring their spiritual fire that will keep the creative bonfire burning