Reflections on Christian Art



Last August 20, the SERUNI held an art exhibition entitled Christian Painting Exhibition at the Theinggi Teologi Jakarta School (STT Jakarta). The exhibit was organized in partnership with the Theinggi Teologi Jakarta School. Participating artists include: Beda Sundiman, Benyamin Kosasih, Christian Putra, Christoph, Fredi Agustian, Fredi Koritelu, Handojo Tedianto, Heru Susanto, Setiyono Wibowo, Sugiri Willim, Surajiya, Toto Winarno, Wisnu Sasongko, and Yoel. More > >

Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death



After eleven months of pursuing his creative practice in Hope University, Liverpool, UK, Filipino artist Jason Dy, SJ presents his MA Degree Show entitled Paglakaw sa Ngitngit sa Walog sa Kamatayon (Walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death) on September 11th, 5:30 PM at Studio Cor 013, Cornerstone Building, The Creative Campus, Hope University. More > >

A Challenging Exhibit:

"Expressing Biblical Characters with Noh Masks"



Last March 21-30, 2014, the Marutamachi Church in Kyoto, Japan hosted an exhibit that featured Noh masks. Noh is a form of traditional Japanese musical theater. The main performers (Shite) wear extravagant costumes and masks to portray the character. In 2008, the UNESCO designated Noh Theatre as an "Intangible Cultural Heritage". More > >

By The Lake

APRIL 14, 2014


Most Easter gardens in churches have always been depicted as an open cave with a rock rolled on the side or an empty cross drape with white cloth. These depictions allude to account of the first witnesses of an empty tomb and the incidents surrounding the first eastern morn as recorded in the Bible and as passed on in the Christian tradition. More > >

From Suffering to Glory

"Via Dolorosa" an exhibit by Ni Ketut Ayu Sri Wardani | APRIL 11, 2014


This Lenten Season, the Balinese Christian Art Association (BCAA) brings: "Via Dolorosa", a painting exhibition by Ni Ketut Ayu Sri Wardani. It will open on April 27 at Jakarta. The paintings will be on display until May 5. This event is part of the BCAA's painting exhibition series: Sharing God's word Through the Arts. More > >

In Memoriam: Ron O' Grady


Paul once said that "To live is for Christ and to die is gain." Ron O' Grady has truly lived a life for Christ. His service towards people began in his native New Zealand where he served in parishes in various parts of the country.He later became an Associate General Secretary at the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) in Singapore. More > >

Poor Man's Bible


In 2009, under the influence of Indian Christian artist Solomon Raj, Madam Fan Pu created her "Biblia Pauperum" in Chinese folk paper-cut art. Originated from a typical woodblock printed book model in the fifteenth century Europe, Biblia Pauperum is a genre of early church Bible teaching. It consists of an image of the New Testament story and two images of the Old Testament story with commenting text next to the composition. More > >

Paradox of Epiphany

JANUARY 15, 2014

Contemporary artist and Jesuit Priest, Fr. Jason K. Dy S.J. brings his art to the Parish Church of St. Margaret of Antioch in Liverpool. "Up is Down, Down is Up" is an art installation project that is part of “The Real Christmas,” an annual participative Christmas appeal for prayer intentions organized by the Liverpool City Centre Chaplaincy.
More > >

Seeing God
Sharing God's Word Through Art

JANUARY 8,2014

The Bali Christian Arts Association (BCAA) will be having a painting exhibition with the theme: "Seeing God. Sharing God's Word Through Art" . It will open on Friday, January 17 at the Patrisia Hotel in Denspar, Bali More > >

Asian Christian Contexts

AUGUST 3,2013


Last July 26 and 27, the Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture (ISAAC) held a two day conference at the University of the Philippines, Quezon City, Philippines. On the first day were scholarly lectures and open forums with the theme: "The Gospel in Culture: Contextualization Issues in Asian Contexts".... More > >

A Testimony of What Remains

JUNE 26,2013


Fr. Jason Dy S.J. will have an exhibit entitled:"Testimony of What Remains" at the Bulwagang Fernando Amorsolo (Small Gallery) of the Cultural Center for the Philippines (CCP) in Manila. The exhibit will run from July 3 till August 18 2013. "This art project explores the theme of mortal remains and proposes eternal realities through bottled memories, photographs of niches, makeshift crutches, envelopes with mass intentions, and wax candles . . . More > >

JCAA's 37th Christian Art Exhibition
JUNE 20, 2013


The Japan Christian Arts Association (JCAA) is going to have their 37th Christian Art Exhibition at theTokyo Gospel Fellowship Center from June 26 to July 7, 2013. The Christian Art Association was founded through the efforts of artists Matsuijiro Sasaki, a Catholic and Tadao Tanaka, a Protestant. They decided to merge the exhibits of the Catholic and the Protestant artists, which were previously held separately. Their first joint exhibit was . . More > >

Making Icons at the
Tao Fong Shan Christian Center
JUNE 20, 2013


The art division of the Tao Fong Shan Christian Center in Hong Kong will be having an icon painting course from August 1-7, 2013. It will be led by Sister Esther, an experienced iconographer, tutor and president of the British Association of Iconographers. . . More > >