2008 Image Magazine Issues
Image 114
This issue focuses on Jesus as a victim of violence brought upon by an empire. It features artist reflections on Passion of the Christ, the cross and the parallelism between Christ’s suffering and the plight of numerous individuals who experience persecution from institutions.


On the cover is Neil Doloricon’s “Pieta”. Mary’s grief is echoed by parents whose children are victims of state sanctioned violence.


Image 115
This issue features "Art and Faith in Australia". Featured artists include Josie Telfer, Miriam Cabello, Fiona Cockburn, Michael Galovic, Phil Cooper and Libby Byrne.

On the cover is "Bearing the Cross" by Miriam Cabello.



Image 116
This issue features Indonesian artists: Gede Sukana Kariana, A. Hari Santosa & Erland Sibuea, Chinese artists: Li Wei San and Fan Pu and lastly Korean, female artist Jae Im Kim.

On the cover is "Struggling" by Gede Sukana Kariana.

Image 117
This issue features artworks by Federico Dominguez of the Philippines and Zaki Baboun from Palestine. Also included are updates from ACAA's conference "Art, Theology and Imagination" held at the Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines in 2008.

On the cover is "Angel" by Federico Dominguez.