2005 Image Magazine Issues
Image 102
This issue compiles artworks that feature events during Jesus's last hours, His death and His resurrection. It also features Alphonso Doss of India, Soichi Watanabe of Japan and Christian artists from Mongolia.

On the cover is "Jesus Christ" by Alphonso Doss.




Image 103
Image 103 features artworks from Japan, Mongolia and Korea. The artworks from Korea were exhibited during the 2004 Korean Christian Artists Art Exhibit. Featured artists include Milburn Cheriyan of India and Mongolian artists: Gantomor Enkhbaatar, Badamragchaa Batjargal and Van Baatarchuluun.

On the cover is "Jesus Christ on the Galilean Lake" by Ichiro Horio.



Image 104
This issue gives a preview on the Nalini Jayasuriya's book A Time for My Singing. Also included are works by Japanese artist Soichi Watanabe and an article on Indian sculptures.

On the cover is G. Raman's "Mother Mary and Child Jesus"

Image 105
This issue remembers Yasuo Ueno, an outstanding Japanese painter, who was one of the founding members of the ACAA. Featured in this issue are Ueno's works and other artworks that manifest the theme "God, in your grace transform the world".

On the cover is Yasuo Ueno's "Let Us Go to Bethlehem".