2004 Image Magazine Issues
Image 98
This issue features artworks from Japan, Indonesia and Australia. Featured artworks include paintings by Rev. Dr. George Trippe an Anglican minister and artist; paintings exhibited during the Christian Art Exhibition in Japan; and the works of Hendarto from Indonesia.

On the cover is "Mandala Tree of Life" by George Trippe.




Image 99
This issue features artworks by artists who participated in the artist workshop in Duta Wacana Christian University last June 2004. Aslo featured are works exhibited by Emmanuel Garibay at the same venue. Finally this issue commemorates Indonesian artist Bagong Kussudiardja. Bagong did not confine himself to visual arts but also dabbled in dance, music and acting.

On the cover is "Mary and Martha" by Indonesian artist, Nyoman Darsane.



Image 100
The theme of this issue is "Continuing Journey", as Image magazine celebrates its 100th issue. Artists from all over Asia contributed their artworks for this issue.

On the cover, surrounded by previous issues, is the artwork by the Soichi Watanabe entitled "The Way to Emmaus"

Image 101
This issue commemorates two Asian Christian artists, Bagong Kussudiardja of Indonesia and Hong Chong Myung of Korea. Also featured are several artworks of depicting the Holy Family.

On the cover is "Birth of Christ" by Hisahi Ota of Japan.