2003 Image Magazine Issues
Image 94
This issue commemorates Indian artist Frank Wesley. He was one of the founding members of the ACAA. The graceful forms and fine lines of his painting are the combination of both Indian and Japanese influences.Also featured are artworks by Chinese artists He Qi and Ding Fang.

On the cover is Frank Wesley's "Christ the Lord"




Image 95
This issue features artworks by Indonesian artists: Koniherawati, Wisnu Sasongko and Yerry Padang. Their works contemplate on the dreary social conditions and their hopes for a better future. Also featured are works by Chieko Yokoe.

On the cover is "The Blue Prayer" by Yerry Padang.



Image 96
This issue brings updates on the Executive Committee meet that was held in time for the 25th anniversary of the ACAA. Included in this issue are artworks exhibited during the event and an exerpt from Soichi Watanabe's prerentation on the meaning of Christian art specifically in contemporary Japan.

On the cover is Soichi Watanabe's "Look at the Birds on the Air"

Image 97
This issue was published in time for Christmas. It features artworks that depict the Biblical event of the Holy family's flight to Egypt. This issue also commemorates reknowned Filipino sculptor Solomon Saprid.

On the cover is "Unto Us a Child is Born" by Sawai Chinnawong from Thailand