2002 Image Magazine Issues
Image 90
This issue compiles artworks in commemoration of the tragedy of 9/11. On the cover is Kim Byong Jong's "Nature"





Image 91
This issue features Korean artist Ann Kim, Chinese artist Wang lu and Indian sculptors: S. Dhanapal and P.V Janakiram.

On the cover is Ann Kim's painting depicting the Jesus talking to one of the theives "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise."



Image 92
Image 92 reflects on the social and poitical condition of the world and the church's role in such trying times. Featured on this issue is Emmanuel Garibay, of the Philippines. His artworks are a critique and challenge the Philippine churches to be the authentic epression and manifestation of people's faith and spirituality. Also featured are Geoff Todd's "Stations of the Cross" and artworks by Hiroshi Tabata.

On the cover is Emmanuel Garibay's "Author"

Image 93
This issue celebrates the Advent season through the artworks of female artists from all over Asia. Featured in this issue is Indian artist, Lucy D' Souza and Korean artist, Kim Jae Im.

On the cover is Lucy D' Souza's painting "Mary"