2001 Image Magazine Issues
Image 86
This issue of Image magazine features visual arts but also dance performances by Martinus Morito. His photo performing the "Penumbra" graces the cover. Also featured are Sculptor-Ignatius Pamungkas Gardjito, printmaker- Solomon Raj, and Chinese artist Li Wei San.




Image 87
The theme of this issue is "Nature and Spirituality". Artists are often inspired by nature, which is the creation of God. This issue contains visual, literary and theatrical forms that resulted from meditations in nature. Featured is the Noh drama on Ryokan and St. Francis of Assisi from a feminist Perspective.

On the cover is "Vineyard" by Ma lixiang fron Nanjing, China



Image 88
Image 88 reports of the events that commenced during the Asian Spiritual Art Exhibition 2001 in Indonesia. The event was not confined to Christian art but also included Hindu and Muslim art. Participants from all over Asia gathered to share their craft, in visual and performance art, and to have exchange ideas.

On the cover is "The Turning Point" by Muslim Indonesian artist, Kaji Habeb.

Image 89
This issue features artworks by Chinese artist, Fan Pu and Indian artist, Solomon Raj. Raj shares his panoramic prints that he refers to as Windows to Heaven.

On the cover is Fan Pu's "Visit of the Magi"