2000 Image Magazine Issues
Image 82
This issue features artists from Malaysia: stained glass artist, Betty June Chen; printmaker, Fern Lee; Hannah Varghese and her daughter Sharmin Varghese.

On the cover is Betty June Chen's "Resurrection". This stained glass window is placed at the east window of the sanctuary.





Image 83
This issue features Chinese artists Wang Lu and Yu Jiade. Also featured are other Chinese artists whose works were included in the Third Chinese Art Exhibition in 1999.

On the cover is the painting- "God with Us" by Qing Guoliang. The artist is a professor of art at the Normal University, Nanjing



Image 84
This issue celebrates Christian arts in Korea.Featured artworks include sculptures by Kang Joon-Ho, Shim Hyoon-Joo and paintings by several Korean artists.

On the cover is Kim Jin Ik's calligraphy. "I tell you the truth, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept our testimony."(John 3:11)

Image 85
This issue was published in time for the Christmas season. It features several artworks on the theme of Jesus's birth. Jyoti Sahi shares his paintings on the "Cosmic Mother and Child".

On the cover is a statue by an Asmat sculptor entitled "Unity". The Asmat tribe lives along the West Irian/ Papua Indonesia. They are well-known as natural sculptors.