1999 Image Magazine Issues
Image 78
Jesus’s encounter with the Samaritan woman at Sychar is an example of the inclusive character of his ministry. He reached out to her knowing that his Jewish upbringing prevents it. This issue features interpretations of this eventful encounter as depicted by artists from different parts of Asia. Also in this issue are artworks from La Salle-SIA College of the Arts in Singapore and David Young from New Zealand.

On the cover is Solomon Raj’s print “Resurrection”.


Image 79

On the cover of this issue is the painting “Umbrella 2000” by Lucia Hartini of Indonesia. Hartini has lived through a lot of suffering. This painting shows her optimism as a survivor.

Other Indonesian artists are also featured in this issue. Timur Poerwowidagdo expresses her empathy for female victims of war and architect Y.B Mangunwijaya is remembered for his work with the urban poor population.



Image 80

This issue features Filipino artists- Rafael Pacheco, Eduardo Aguilar Albayda and Emmanuel Garibay as they try to situate their faith in more their contemporary setting. Pacheco transforms a passage from the book of Revelations into reality through his larger than life sculpture of an angel. Garibay takes Jesus off the pedestal and places Him among his people.

On the cover is Emmanuel Garibay’s  “Tres Personas”, referring to the three powers dominating his country’s life and society: racism-fascism, colonialism-imperialism and bureaucracy.

Image 81

This issue was published in time for the Christmas season. It features artworks celebrating  the birth of Jesus.


On the cover is the “Annunciation” by Chinese artist He Qi.