1998 Image Magazine Issues
Image 74
This issue features Indonesian artist- Dopo Yeihan and New Zealand artist- Lyle Penisula. Also included is an essay by Miriam-Rose Ungunmeer on the use of symbols.

On the cover is Dopo Yeihan’s “Anak ibu dan Tahta Pengorbanan” (Child, Mother and the Throne of Sacrifice).





Image 75
Stained glass windows have long been a feature of Christian structures. Gothic cathedrals in Europe boast of rose windows that are not only decorative but also narrative. This issue features stained glass windows by Japanese artists- Yasuo Ueno and Taneyuki Yamazaki, and Beverly Shore Bennett from New Zealand.

On the cover are stained glass windows by Taneyuki Yamazaki. These two windows are part of a series of 12 on the theme of Alpha and Omega.


Image 76

This issue features the events that commenced during the ACAA consultation in Bali, Indonesia. It was held in time for the 20th anniversary ACAA.

On the cover is Ding Fang’s painting entitled “Today my God Appears”. The artist is a first generation Christian from the Shanxi province in China.

Image 77

This issue of Image coincides with the Eighth Assembly of the World Council of Churches (WCC). The WCC has long been a venue for ACAA exhibitions.

Many artists of the ACAA have shown their works in such events, including Alphonso Doss. On the cover is a painting by him.