1997 Image Magazine Issues
Image 70

This issue of Image magazine asserts that artworks are not created for their own sake. Artists are influenced by their surroundings resulting to creations that contain their perspectives on current events. Among their concerns are environmental and socio-political issues. These are the themes of the artworks featured in this issue.

On the cover is Boy Domiguez’s “Creation”. Domiguez is a member of the indigenous tribe, Mandaya from the Southern portion of the Philippines.


Image 71

Image 71 was published during the time when Hong Kong was about to be re-integrated with Mainland China. This features artworks by Chinese artists and their thoughts on the integration and on Chinese Christian art. On the cover is Gai Muo-seng’s “World Peace”



Image 72

This issue of Image features artworks that were produced before 1500 C. E. These artworks were developed along the Old Silk Road. Also featured in this issue are artworks by disabled patients. They  were encouraged to take up painting as part of the therapy for their condition.

On the cover is “Adam and Eve” by Rita Choy Ng. Adam and Eve are represented as two rocks underneath the vast sky.

Image 73

Image 73 commemorates renowned Christian Japanese print maker, Sadao Watanabe. Watanabe uses traditional Okinawan craft in his artworks. Also featured in this issue are mosaic art by Elizabeth Chan from the Philippines. On the cover is Sadao Watanabe’s  “Flight into Egypt”.