1995 Image Magazine Issues
Image 63

This issue summarizes the activities and projects by the ACAA from 1975 till 1994. Image 63 was published in time for the 10th Christian Conference of Asia Assembly in Sri Lanka.

On the cover is "The Crucifixion III" by Bagong Kussudiardja of Indonesia.




Image 64
This issue features Filipino artist, Emmanuel Garibay. Garibay integrates Christian components in to his social realist paintings. Also featured are some banners created during the tenth assembly of Christian Conference of Asia in Sri Lanka.

On the cover is Emmanuel Garibay's painting, "Funeral". The mourners are cramped inside a jeepney (a common form of transportation in the Philippines). On the ceiling is a poster of Jesus. Only the child is able to see and imitate Him.



Image 65

Featured in this issue are female artists Yoko Makoshi and Arputharani Sengupta. Arputharani creates abstract artworks using both paint and found objects.

On the cover is Yoko Makoshi's "Pieta". Yoko has always been fond of art. It became her source of joy and fullfillment during her dark years. Her paintings are done without preliminary sketches and usually take five years to complete.