1994 Image Magazine Issues
Image 59

This issue features Chinese Christian arts. On the cover "The Last Supper" is a tapestry by the Tujia weavers from the Hunan Province in China. The design is by He Qi. This collation between Chinese fine art and folk art help in sharing the gospel and preserving local culture.




Image 60

Christian art can serve both as a means to illustrate the message to share local tradition. On the cover is Kim Jae-Im’s “Conversion of Saul, What for?” She creates such artworks to supplement the sermons in her local church. The artworks by Taiwanese artists Anli Lai and Yvonne Lin Mei-Jung share everyday scenes from their community.



Image 61

This issue focuses on the Christian art scene in Indonesia. It features artworks by various Indonesian Christian artists including Andi Harisman, Martin Sitepu and Ni Ayu Ketut Sriwardani.
On the cover in Hery Nurhancoko’s “The Magi”

Image 62
This issue of Image magazine features female artists Yuko Matsuoka and Geraldine Wheeler. On the cover is Yuko Matsuoka’s “Come Holy Spirit, renew your whole creation”. It is the artists visualization of the Holy Spirit descending upon an individual.