1989 Image Magazine Issues
Image 39
This issue features the Hong Kong-based Christian art group-Garden streams. Also in this issue are works by artist- Chung Lap-Kwan, the Blake prize Religious Art Awards and the Filipino social realist- Pablo Baen Santos.

On the cover is Ryohei Koiso's "From the Bible".






Image 40

Image 40 features artworks on the theme of the "Wilderness". Retreating to the widerness helps individuals to meditate just as Jesus went to the wilderness before setting out to His task.

On the cover is "Five Loave and Two Fishes" a wood carving by Zhang Wan Long.





Image 41
Thai artist Sawai Chinnawong and the Philippine art group ABAY are featured in this issue. On the cover is Paul Koli's woodcut- "Flight into Egypt".






Image 42
Featured in this issue are Korean sculptor, Choi Byeong Sang and Maori artist, Kura Rewiri Thorsen.

On the cover is an ikebana flower arrangement by Ota Goka. Her book "Consider the Flowers: Meditations on Ikebana" is also reviewed on this issue.