1987 Image Magazine Issues
Image 31

This issue features Japanese artist Tadao Tanaka, and an article on the calligraphic quality of Asian Christian art versus the “more visual” Western Christian art.

On the cover is Tadao Tanaka’s “Jesus Writing on the Ground”.








Image 32

Image 32 features works by Kim Hak Soo, who specializes in genre painting of the traditional Korean setting. He worked on paintings of Jesus in the Korean setting and the history of the church in Korea.

On the cover is a batik by Solomon Raj entitled “Abiding Presence”.








Image 33

Women are the focus of this issue of IMAGE magazine: Yatrika- a publication about women and by women from India and works by Korean Christian artists. Also in this issue is an article by another woman artist- Timur Indya, who calls for Christian visual artists to “witness to the Christian faith” and “fill the spaces other art forms cannot.”

On the cover is an oil painting by Joo Jung Soon.






Image 34

This issue gives updates on Christian arts groups in Asia- the Indian Christian art and the ACAA. It also features artworks on the theme of Christmas.

On the cover is a Philippine Madonna and Child- “Pahalik”(Kiss) by Weng Unidad.