1986 Image Magazine Issues
Image 27

Image 27 is the special exhibition issue that features artworks included in the first major travelling exhibition of the ACAA, entitled "Christian Art in Asia". The exhibit travelled within Europe and America and has contributing artists from ten countries.


On the cover is Nalini Jayasuriya's oil painting "The Last Supper".








Image 28

This issue commemorates S. Sudjojono, "The Father of Indonesian Modern Art". Sudjojono painted the struggle of ordinary Indonesians and took an active part in his country's struggle for indepence. Also featured in this issue is Indian artist, C. J. Anthony Doss.


On the cover is "Hope" by S. Sudjojono.








Image 29

ART, RELIGION and LIFE- Rev. David Binns discusses how all these three are woven together and how art can influence people's lives. Also in this issue are works by Sri-Lankan artist, Paul Navaratne and a feature on Indonesian shadow-puppets "Wayang".


On the cover is a watercolor by Paul Navaratne entitled "Hallowed be Thy Name".








Image 30

Image 30 remembers Fr. Matthew R. Lederle, S.J., who was the founder and the former president of the Indian Christian Arts Association. Fr. Lederle, was a German Jesuit who eventually became an Indian citizen. Also featured in this issue are sculptures by Filipina artist Virginia Ty-Navarro.


On the cover is the sculpture, "Nativity" by Elizalde Navarro.