1985 Image Magazine Issues
Image 23

Indigenous people- “God’s Creative People”-Ainu’s, Aboriginals, Maori’s and Okinawans are the focus of this issue. Their art, their way of life and how they relate with God. Also featured are images from the protests in the Philippines that greatly utilized art. It was held on the commemoration of the first death anniversary of the slain political figure Benigno Aquino Jr.

On the cover is an untitled work by Australian Aboriginal artist Pinta Pinta Tjapanangka of the Pintupi tribe of Central Australia.




Image 24
This issue of IMAGE magazine was published in time for the Eighth Assembly of the Christian Conference of Asia on July26-July 2, 1985. It features artworks on the theme of the conference: “Christ Sets Free to Serve”. Also featured are works by Japanese artist, Tomiyama Taeko who uses her artworks to bring attention to the plight of Korean workers in Japan.

On the cover is Tomiyama Taeko’s “Kaikyō”. The title refers to the strait that separates the nations Japan and Korea.





Image 25
This issue provides updates on the exhibit of Christian art that coincided with the Eighth Assembly of the Christian Conference of Asia in Korea. Also included is a feature on Korean Folk artist, Lee Chul Soo, who also made the logo for the said conference.

On the cover is Lee Myung Eui’s oil painting “Glorious Lord”.








Image 26

Featured in this issue are works by Chinese artist, Choi Kai-Yan, who plays with images the calligraphy to communicate the Christian message. Also featured is an article on the St. Thomas Cross in India as interpreted by Jyoti Sahi.

On the cover is “Madonna and Child” by Filipino National Artist, Carlos Francisco.