1984 Image Magazine Issues
Image 19

“Should Christian Art Be Secular?” this is the title of Jyoti Sahi’s article in Image 19. Art is a very potent tool for spreading ideas, and preserving traditions as seen in the passion plays of Sri Lanka (featured in this issue).  Also in this issue are Masao Takenaka’s observations regarding Christian art in China, during his 1983 visit and the art of Ikebana by Ms. Kyoko Grant.


On the cover is a painting by Wu Kyo-Ting entitled “The Coming of Spring”.





Image 20
Image 20 brings updates of the second Asian Christian Artists Conference held in Los Baños, Philippines; with the theme “Magnificat in Asia”. Included are artworks exhibited as part of the conference. Also featured is an article by Jyoti Sahi on the image of Christ in Asia- one of the recurrent topics of conversations during the conference.


On the cover is Nyoman Darsane’s “Annunciation”.






Image 21

On the cover of this issue is Jin-Song-Ja’s “Five Maidens”. Female Korean artist Jae- Im Kim commends women artists for their innate creativity. Also in this issue is the conclusion of Jyoti Sahi’s article, “Sharing Christ’s Image in Asia" and Gabriel Casal’s article discussing the images of Christ in the Philippines.









Image 22

Image 22 celebrates the Christmas season and features artworks on the theme of Christ’s birth.


On the cover is Huang Hong Yi’s “Mother and Child”.