1983 Image Magazine Issues
Image 15
Image 15 contains articles on the Indian Christian Art Association’s exhibit in Bombay on 1983, the Blake Prize for Australian religious art and Indonesia’s foremost choreographer-artist: Bagong Kussudiardja.


On the Cover is Yasue Ueno’s “Cruxifixion.









Image 16
Image 16 was prepared for the 6th Annual World Council of Churches in Vancouver, Canada. It revolves around the theme- "Jesus Christ: Life of the World". It features artworks, poetry and text exhibiting the Asian’s perception of Christ and what it means to be Christians.


On the cover is Sri Lankan artist, Nalini Jayasuriya’s, “Rice of Life.







Image 17
Image 17 features works by Indian artist A. Alphonso, who takes inspiration from Jesus and Filipino artist, Ang Kiukok’s crucified figures, which simultaneously recalls the suffering of Jesus and of the contemporary people. Judo Poerwowidagdo discusses Indonesia’s search for national identity and how it affects local Christian artists.


On the cover is A. Alphonso’s “Mystery”.







Image 18
Image 18 gives updates on the 6th World Council of Churches in Vancouver. It also features works by Indian artist, Solomon Raj and the conclusion of Judo Poerwowidagdo’s article on Indonesian art, which ends with a challenge for Christian artists.


On the cover is Kim Ki Chang's "Flight into Egypt".