1981 Image Magazine Issues
Image 7

Image 7 features churches around Asia that adapted local traditional architecture, children's art in India and reflections about symbolism by Nalini Jayasuriya.


On the cover is Balinese artist- Bagong Kussudiardja's "The Crucified Lord".










Image 8

The eighth issue of Image magazine features artists: Lu Hsu Chia, Ang Kiukok and Abu Bakr.


On the cover is Thambu Raj's "Annunciation", where he experimented with traditional Hindu symbols to relate a Biblical Narrative.









Image 9

Image 9 features artists: Seiji Fujishiro, calligraphy artist- Choi Kai Yan, Filipino sculptors: Solomon Saprid, Napoleon Abueva and Eduardo Castrillo, Indonesian modern painting pioneer- S. Sudjojono and the Filipino artist collective- Kaisahan.


On the cover is Seiji Fujishiro's "Annunciation". Fujishiro meticulously manipulates light and shadow in creating his works.







Image 10

Image 10 features the Japanese Christian Arts Association exhibit in 1981, Japanese artist- Ryohei Koiso and Philippine social realists: Antipas Delotavo and Edgar Fernandez. It also includes the first installment of Jyoti Sahi's article on Indian art.


On the cover is Kim Heung Jong's "Christmas Scene"