1980 Image Magazine Issues
Image 3
Image 3, published on March 1980 contains articles about the art of Australia based artist, Ria Bancroftand ART INDIA, a publication that helps spread and promote Indian Christian art through printing.There are also articles regarding the use of indigenous art in Asian Christianity by Dr. Wayasn Mastra and Rev. Patrick Peiris.


On the front page is a photo of the empty crown of thorns found hanging at the chapel of Doshisha University in Kyoto.






Image 4
Image 4 brings updates about the first ACAA art exhibit and book launch held side by side with the 1980 World Council of Churches in Melbourne, Australia. Other articles include a comparison of the indigenization of Christian art, architecture and practices in Asia; and an analysis of how the emotion of suffering affect the process of Asian artists.


On the Cover is John Bayton's "Last Supper".







Image 5
The fifth issue of Image magazine features Japanese artist, Tadao Tanaka and art by Aboriginal Australian Christians.


On the Cover is Tadao Tanaka's, "The Act of Joseph Of Arithmathea". Joseph of Arithmathea offered to take down the body of Christ while his disciples were afraid to retrieve it. Instead of focusing on Jesus; the artist gave emphasis on Joseph, as a sign of his admiration for his deed.







Image 6
This December 1980 issue of Image Magazine focuses on the suffering of Christians in Asia. It features works by detained Christians during the Martial Law period in the Philippines and, artworks and articles about the martyrdom of the early Christians in Japan.


On the cover is Frank Wesley's painting-"Before Abraham, I was".