Focusing on the Essential

August 21, 2014


A small bird rests at the feet of the crucified Christ; even the smallest of creatures are not spared from His protection. How much more for humans, who are capable of more of things. Indonesian visual artist, Sugiri Willim takes comfort and inspiration from this thought. He is driven by a sense of purpose to share his God-given talents.
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Building Bridges Through the Arts

June 26, 2014


Growing up in a culturally diverse environment has not been always easy for Indonesian theatre & performance artist, Elyandra Widharta. He was born to parents with different religious affiliations. His father is a Muslim while his mother is a Christian. They split up when he was only four.
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God Carrying Us on His Back



My hometown, Ishinomaki was damaged immensely by the earthquake in East Japan in 2011. My mother was living alone on the hill area, Hiroyama. She lost many of her close friends and relatives. Her distress in her loss worsened her dementia. Last February, she entered the nursing home. Until now I was unable to support her, nor my teachers and friends. This causes me great pain. The Big Earthquake, the tsunami and the accidents of nuclear plant in Fukushima continue to pain me even now. More > >

Contemporary Indonesian Christian Art



SERUNI (Seni Rupa Kristiani- “Indonesia Christian Fine Arts of Indonesia”) held a painting exhibition last February 3-10, 2014 at the Gallery Pelita at the University Pelita Harapan (UPH) in Tangerang. An artist talk-discussion was held at a later date (February 6 and 13) with the help of the UPH Faculty of Design. The exhibit revolved around the theme of Interpreting Christian Art Iconography. More > >


MARCH 10, 2014


As the Lenten observance commenced with Ash Wednesday, whereby the Christian faithful queue to be imposed with ashes and are reminded of their mortality and frailty as well as the paschal mystery and divine mercy, Jason Dy, SJ, in his new art initiative entitled Forty, continues his interest art and religion interface. More > >

Embodied Words
The Art of Arfan Augustine Javed

DECEMBER 11,2013


Black figures dance across the aged paper, gracefully forming words. Arfan Javed Augustine’s latest series Tajasim Kalma or “Embodied Word” combines the use of both traditional calligraphy and the human figure to depict the capacity of words to give rise to tangible forms. More > >

Living with Strangers
The Art of Adnan Samuel Javed

NOVEMBER 30,2013


Cuts, cracks and anonymous human figures fill the compositions of Adnan Samuel Javed's prints. Adnan was born to a Christian family in Lahore, Pakistan and is currently teaching while practicing his art. Last year he held a solo exhibit at the Al-Hamra Art Gallery, entitled "Deny". . . More > >

Art and Religion



Last September 5, 2013, artists group of I (Eng: Indonesian Christian Art) held an exhibition in the Pelita Gallery. The exhibit revolved around the theme “Arts and Religion” and was held in cooperation with the School of Design of the University of Pelita Harapan. It coincided with the forum for academic discussion with Dr. Bambang Sugiharto. Here is an excerpt of one of the issues raised during his discussion. . . More > >

The Beauty of His Love for All -
Christian Fine Arts of Indonesia (SERUNI)



In November 30, 2010, Artists and spiritual initiators from Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bali and Manado convened in Bogor Ciawi and founded the Seni Rupa Kristiani Indonesia also known as SERUNI. SERUNI, which also refers to the flower, Chrysanthemum in Indonesia, is a vehicle for the development of Christian art in Indonesia. . . More > >

Transfiguring Through Testimony



While there are testimonies of faith, testimony is arguably a paradoxical materialization of faith. As demonstrated by the biblical anecdote of Thomas, the Apostle who expressed doubt about Christ's resurrection, faith is measured by the capacity to believe what has.. . . More > >