Frank Wesley
December 12, 1923 - December 4, 2002

TOP: "Eve and the Serpent"
BOTTOM: L-R "Mary Magdalene Washing the Feet of Jesus,
"The Holy Spirit"
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Frank Wesley's paintings are a unique blend of Japanese and Indian influences. Wesley was born in Azamgarh, U.P., India to a Christian family. He studied at the Government School of Arts and Crafts in Lucknow (1943-1948) and later at the Kyoto University (1954-58) in Japan and at the Art Institute of Chicago (1958-60). Wesley was present during the first Christian art consultation(1950) in Bali and is among the founding members of ACAA.

His painting "Blue Madonna" was used for the first UNICEF Christmas card, while five of his paintings were exhibited at the 1950 Holy Year Exhibition in the Vatican. He is also known for designing the urn for Mahatma Gandhi's ashes. His works are compiled in "Frank Wesley: Exploring Faith with a Brush" by Naomi Wray. For more information on Frank Wesley and his works visit his website at


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