Sugiri Willim

"Yohannes 8:7"
acrylic on canvas, 60cm diameter, 2014
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Sugiri Willim is a self-taught artist. He currently resides and works in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. Sugiri has been actively participating in numerous exhibitions. In 2012, he emerged as one of the finalists in the ‘Art Takes Times Square’ Competition held in New York, and his work was showcased on the Times Square billboard.

Having gained some experience in the field of advertising, he went through an arduous process of exploration before discovering his distinctive style. Instead of using a brush or palette knife, Sugiri Willim is known for his sponge technique. Contemporary paintings these days are perpetually filled with new inventions, countless ideas and techniques, where artists are constantly seeking new ways to express themselves. According to Sugiri, a greater sense of enjoyment is derived from using a sponge as compared to other painting tools. He feels that the effects created can never be attained through brushstrokes, and the outcome provokes his senses. With sponge, Sugiri is even capable of expressing himself by incorporating a fusion of styles in his works – impressionist, minimalist and realist, an all-in-one combination that no other mediums could ever achieve.

Sugiri’s canvases are usually populated by quirky depiction – often light-hearted and humorous. His particular attention to the subject of humanism became highly optimized in every human object that he portrays. Even with a minimalist style of painting, Sugiri managed to bring out the character of each of his subject matter by successfully bringing forth each individual expression. His human objects are very important in the sense that whenever he tries to present them, they will always try to communicate to the viewers. Although they are inanimate objects, they will continue to engage us in a dialogue through each of their individual characters’ expressions.

Some of his paintings’ theme started off from his personal experiences, as a result from a dialog with himself, the surrounding as well as with our Creator. Hence, each of his work has a tendency to contain messages of morality, from light-hearted ones to those that require deeper thoughts. Each of his messages convey primarily humor tendency, so the viewers do not feel dictated but are invited to tag along laughing at some silly things, only to realize later that these things might apply for themselves too.

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