S. Sudjojono

Taken from "The Bible Through Asian Eyes", 1991
Masao Takenaka and Ron O' Grady

TOP: "The Flood"
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S. Sudjojono is respected as the father of modern Indonesian painting. When he was 24 years of age he organized a group of Indonesian artists into a union. They became known as Persagi and an artistic renaissance to Indonesia. When the revolutionary war against the Dutch took place, Sudjojono said that he used his brush as a weapon and became an active leader in the independence struggle. In 1949 he painted his huge and impressive work "The Hour of the Guerilla."

Elected to Indonesian parliament in 1955 he became disillusioned with corruption in the politics and was expelled from the party in 1958.

A passionate worker for peace and justice, Sudjojono kept returning to Biblical symbols to express his convictions.

Several of his paintings were based on the Story of Noah with its overtones destruction of humanity because of their sin. His painting the prostitute in the flood was painted for the inaugural conference of the Asian Christian Artists in Bali. Sudjojono died in 1896 at the age of 69 years.


Masao Takenaka and Ron O' Grady. The Great Flood. The Bible through Asian Eyes.Pace Publishing. New Zealand. 1991. pp.26-27. Print

Image was taken from:
The Bible through Asian Eyes.Pace Publishing. New Zealand. 1991. p27. Print
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