Dr. P. Solomon Raj

"Garden of Eden" woodcut print 2008 by Solomon Raj

Dr. P. Solomon Raj studied in Lutheran schools and was ordained in 1956. He took up a masteral degree in communication at the Indiana University and a doctorate in Birmingham University where he wrote a dissertation on the folk Christian Church in India. He communicates the gospel using art, engaging both hearing and sight. He composed musicals about Biblical themes using South Indian songs and dances and made radio dramas using his native language. Aside from audio communication he also makes batik and woodcut prints on Biblical themes.


In the past years Dr. Solomon Raj has shared his talent and faith by being a chaplain, director, lecturer and artist in resident within Asia, Europe and North America. His works have been exhibited in many parts of the world and has been printed on numerous publications. He is also member of the Fellowship of Indian Missiologists, the International Association of Missiology, the Asian Christian Arts Association and the former president of the Indian Christian arts Association.


Dr. Solomon Raj usually works with Batiks and occassionally with icons. He does prints both in black and white and in color, including metals plate etchings.Below is his print "Garden of Eden". He depicts Eve in a lively posture since "she was more active than Adam, who just followed her advice". More artworks and information about Solomon Raj can be found on his website http://www.rajsolomon.com.











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