Masao Takenaka (1925-2006)

"Chrysanthemum at the Eastern Hedge"
Masao Takenaka is probably the most instrumental person in the creation of the ACAA. He was the one responsible for organizing the 1978 artist conference in Bali that eventually led to the foundation of the ACAA. He served ACAA as a chairperson and later as an honorary president. He once said that "Communication through art transcends national and linguistic boundaries. It unites people around the world beyond the differences of denomination or even ideologies. It invites people to answer to the prayer of Christ, "that all may be one".


Masao was born in Beijing China in 1925. He grew up in a Buddhist environment but soon converted into Christianity after his mother became Christian. He took up economics in Kyoto University, theology in Doshisa University and a doctorate in Yale Divinity School in USA, where he wrote a dissertation on the relation of Protestantism to the social problems in Japan.


Afterwards he became a volunteer leader of Kyodan (United Church of Christ in Japan) industrial missions and a professor of sociology of religion and ethics in Doshisha University. He also taught at the Kansai Seminary House, teaching union leaders for 40 years thus he was dubbed "Father of Japanese Christian Union Leaders". Masao had always tried to focus on social justice, seeing it as integrated with the issues of faith.





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