Lu Hsu Chia

Taken from "The Bible Through Asian Eyes", 1991
Masao Takenaka and Ron O' Grady

TOP: "Mount Up With Wings",
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Lu Hsu Chia is a Taiwanese artist living in Singapore who began her interest in brush painting after her marriage.

like many brush paintersshe enjoys the use of space as part of the composition and prefers a simple, uncluttered picture. Her art is directly related to her Christian faith and many of her works are based on Biblical text.

Her Philosophy in commercial art is simple. "Many people like to make a lot money and spend it on material goods. I was brought up to believe that comes from God and goes back to God. also, I have a deep sense of gratitude in possessing this artistic talent and my reward is doing the art. When I received my first scholarship prize, a rather large size of money, without hesitation, I gave it to the church.It seemed right for me to do so." Her painting of the eagle is based from the reading from Isaiah 40.


Masao Takenaka and Ron O' Grady. Like the Eagle. The Bible through Asian Eyes.Pace Publishing. New Zealand. 1991. pp.68-69. Print

Image was taken from:
The Bible through Asian Eyes.Pace Publishing. New Zealand. 1991. p69. Print
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