Chung Lap Kwan

Taken from "The Bible Through Asian Eyes", 1991
Masao Takenaka and Ron O' Grady

TOP: "Melody of Water",
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Chung Lap Kwan was one of a small group of young Hong Kong artists who began, in 1970, to forge a new style within traditional Chinese ink painting. Fro twenty years he haspersevered with one of the most difficult art techniques: water painting.

In this process ink flow on water and by means of hydrocarbon materials (such as gasoline and kerosene) unique effects are created and transmitted onto paper, It is a creative process demanding much discipline and experience. Many copies are created, until the final one emerges. "When an aesthetic experience pervades my mind", says Chung, "the spirit of the mountains and the mountains and the feel of the water elicited from my inner world and conveyed into printing paper." He compares the experience to the birth of a child.

Chung dedicates all his art to God. Brought up in the mountains, he has never lost his love for the "spiritual atmosphere of the mountains, and… life-giving mountain streams." It is easy to see the spirituality underlying his work "The Melody of Water" draws inspiration from the twenty-third Psalm.


Masao Takenaka and Ron O' Grady. Psalm 23. The Bible through Asian Eyes.Pace Publishing. New Zealand. 1991. pp.58-59. Print

Image was taken from:
The Bible through Asian Eyes.Pace Publishing. New Zealand. 1991. p59. Print
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