Bagong Kussudiardja
October 9, 1928- June 15, 2004

Taken from "The Bible Through Asian Eyes", 1991
Masao Takenaka and Ron O' Grady

TOP: "Christ and the Fisherman",
Below(Left)"Cosmic Dance of Mary",
(Right)"Self Portrait"
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Bagong Kussudiardja was born in 1928 in Indonesia and brought up among artists. He began to study the classical dances of Java at the age of 18 and his love of dance has always been foremost in his life. After [Indonesia's] independence in 1945, Bagong began to experiment with dances which would reflect the new spirit in Indonesia. Always creative and innovative, he as many critics but as many supporters.

He wrote: "Art is a part of my life. I feel that one needs art just as one needs food, clothing and shelter. I live everyday receptive to everything surrounding me, open to the past and the things inherited from my ancestors, the present, and the future. Even though something maybe very small, I try to understand it completely, since human life must be able to appreciate the vitality of all things."

Bagong takes a close interest in all aspects of the arts. He is a skilled Batik painter and his oil paintings also rank among the finest. His painting of the dancing Christ ascending to heaven was prepared for the second conference of the Asian Christian Arts Association in the Philippines.

He also headed a dance training centre and an education institute in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


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Images were taken from:
IMAGE 101. Asian Christian Arts Association. December 2004. pp. 4-5. Print
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