Kim Young Gil (1940-2008)

Kim Young Gil was a highly accomplished artist, who has been featured in numerous publications including the IMAGE magazine. In fact his work “Jesus Washing the Feet of His Disciples” graced the cover of its first issue. He was a regular participant and winner of art contests in his native country Korea as well as in international tilts. His awards include winning first prize in the Korean Artist Association, Sydney International Art Contest and the New York Art Festival. His works have been exhibited in different parts of United States and Korea. He made 68 paintings for the Memorial Building for the Martyrdom of Pastor Son Yang Won and a mural for the Osaka Church in Japan. His patrons include Korea’s  former president, Park Chung-hee.


Aside from painting, Kim Young Gil also served as a professor at the College of Art at the Pusan National University in Korea and as an exchange professor at the University of Connecticut and the College of Art, Osaka University  in Japan. Visit to view artworks and for more information about the artist.


"The Secret to Coming Again" by Kim Yong Gil


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