Nalini Marcia Jayasuriya

TOP: "Christ Mandala"
BOTTOM: L-R "Evensong","Fugue", "Gethsemane"
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Sri Lankan artist, Nalini Jayasuriya was raised by Anglican parents and has been a Christian since she was seven years-old. She has become a teacher, broadcaster, writer, musician, art director, painter, sculptor and potter. Her numerous talents have enabled her to travel around the world exhibiting and lecturing in top universities including Tokyo University, Tokyo Japan and in Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

She was also an artist in residence in Christian universities in Japan, Thailand, Philippines and the Overseas Ministries Studies Center (OMSC) in New Haven, Connecticut. Her book "A Time for my Singing" was published as a product of her residency in OMSC. Other publications by Nalini are "Cargo", a book of poems, "Letters from Ingy" and "When Jesus was Born". She is the recipient of Sri Lanka's highest honor for the arts, awarded by the former prime minister herself, Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga.

Nalini prefers to use acrylic or watercolor on cotton for her paintings. Jonathan Bonk describes her work- "The pristine simplicity and flowing congruity of her art resonates with our own sometimes sadly latent spirituality- fostering within us a wistful longing for that which is deepest and best in our nature."


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