He Qi

This work by He Qi shows Jesus in the boat with fishermen.

He Qi’s relationship with art started when he was sent out to work in the fields during the cultural revolution in China. He wasn’t much for working the fields so he thought if he could paint Mao’s portrait may be he could skip working outdoors. Through the supervision of Professor Nu Sibai he was able to paint both Chairman Mao and learn about Renaissance painters.  He finished his dissertation at Hamburg Art Institute and became the first Chinese to earn a Ph D. in religious arts after the Cultural revolution


His works are inspired by both Christian religious text and Chinese folk arts, like paper cut and weaving. In 2005 was invited to take up a residency in OMSC where he spent a year and produced numerous works and a book entitled “Look Towards the Heavens.” He Qi been a long time member of the ACAA and his works have been featured in the association's publication- Image magazine.









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