Fan Pu
"Ten Bridesmaids" by Fan Pu / 2001- China, ACAA collection

Fan Pu is a Chinese artist who practices a paper cut technique, a folk tradition in China. She was born on Nanjing, China and was sent to Xinjiang to do agricultural work during the Cultural Revolution after graduating from middle school.


Fan Pu was not formally trained in art but her years in Xinjiang helped develop her paper cutting skills, since specially cut paper served as gifts for the simple folk in the country. She also worked in a fine art company while studying in a university. Fan Pu was born into a Christian family, her father, Fan Peiji is also an artist known for his calligraphy. Aside from being a member of the ACAA, she is also an associate director of the Amity Christian Art Center.


Her works have been exhibited in different parts of world and is considered one of the most important Chinese Christian paper cutters.











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