Taken from "The Bible Through Asian Eyes", 1991
Masao Takenaka and Ron O' Grady

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Abubakar was born in 1930 in the Palmas region of South Sulawesi. He was born to a Moslem family but was educated at a Christian School. A self-taught artist, he often used Christian themes as the only ones adequate to express his understanding of human suffering. Genesis and its stories of creation were a popular subject for his art. In 1980, he painted the temptation of Adam and Eve on canvas and later a larger series on Paradise Lost . He sees the lost paradise as the result of our own deeds and not as a punishment from God. "It is the karma of our own deeds", he says "to loose paradise or to regain it."

He experiments with several techniques including batik, woodcut, monoprint, watercolors and wood carving.

He lives in Jakarta and assists church publishing programs. "I still see myself as a pilgrim," he writes. "I am still seeking after truth and beauty, and how to show God's love in my life and my art."


Masao Takenaka and Ron O' Grady. Adam and Eve. The Bible through Asian Eyes.Pace Publishing. New Zealand. 1991. pp.22-23. Print

Image was taken from:
The Bible through Asian Eyes.Pace Publishing. New Zealand. 1991. p23. Print
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