The Asian Christian Arts Association or the ACAA was established in Bali on August 1978, when Christian artists and theologians from all over Asia met, exchanged ideas and inspired each other. This gathering was made possible through the efforts of Japanese theologian-artist, Masao Takenaka. They had such a wonderful time that they decided to make ACAA an organization that through which they can continue their dialogue and grow through the exchange.

Since its conception ACAA has been publishing the magazine: Image- Christ and Art in Asia, which also served as a means of communication for the members who are scattered around the world. Aside from Image, ACAA has also published two books namely: "The Bible through the Christian Eyes", which is a collection of artworks and theological reflections and "Christ for All People", a collection of artworks representing Christ by artists from all over the world. ACAA was also able to set up exchange programs, events and exhibitions that brought its members together and enriched their art and/ their theology.



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